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About us

Do you know everything there is to know about us?
Welcome to Deux Coqs d’Or, where you can discover all our works!

Deux Coqs d’Or: why are we called “Two gold roosters”?!
In 1949, Georges Duplaix and Frédéric Richshöffer founded the publishing company Éditions Cocorico, after the sound a rooster makes in French. A few years earlier they had created and launched the very successful Golden Books collection in the United States. They aimed to repeat this success in France, and they were not disappointed: hundreds of titles in the Petits Livres d’Or (Little gold books) and Petits Livres d’Argent (Little silver books) collections conquered the French market as well. These books were a treasure-trove of tales, adventures and stories all children could love sold at a very low price everyone could afford.

In 1957, the publishing company changed its name to Éditions des Deux Coqs d’Or. It expanded its catalogue to include works created in France or imported from the United States, Great Britain and Italy and experimented over the next 30 years with various editorial policies.

With the purchase of Éditions des Deux Coqs d’Or by Hachette Livre in 1991, the torch was passed on to an enthusiastic team of devotees who implemented editorial policies in line with the original spirit of the publisher: they redeveloped a catalogue that is fun, complete and for everyone.

Beautiful things, funny things

something for all children to discover!


Cock-a-doodle-doo! We are proud of our books!

Éditions des Deux Coqs d’Or represents:
• Books that are made in France: designed and created by our editors, authors, illustrators and graphic designers. Partnerships with attractive French brands, such as Sentosphère, Décopatch, Scrapcooking or Bic…
We are constantly seeking out new talent!

Welcome to the DCO team!
• Works produced in Europe or Asia in carefully selected factories and materials.
• Books that have been tested and comply with the latest regulations.
Children’s safety is our priority!

In our barnyard you will find...
190 new titles on average a year!
• Animated books to stimulate little chicks: board books, sound books, cloth books, bath books…
• Short stories such as the legendary Petits Livres d’Or books.
• Books and activity box sets for all occasions.
• Gorgeous colouring books for young would-be artists…
Have you heard of “Soothing Workshops”? Children develop their creativity while staying calm and focused? A dream come true for parents!
• Game books or box sets: alone, with family or with friends…
It’s so wonderful to play and make up stories!
• Ingenious box sets that seamlessly bring together playing and learning, because you learn better when you are having fun!
• Works that teach you about different religions, or that accompany you in your own faith.

All these books have been designed and created for the pleasure of children big and small (and for those like us who will always remain children at heart)!